Interesting Things for the Weekend

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

From Some Writer! by Melissa Sweet

Speaking of Basquiat...

No matter how you feel about the circus, the end of Ringling Brothers is big news.

I made a new hashtag for Ellie.

A good ad from the Ad Council:

The last two years when Cleveland has played Toronto in the playoffs, I noticed the same Sikh man sitting courtside at all the games. I finally had to figure out who he was and I'm so glad I did. I mean, I'm glad Cleveland swept them two years in a row, but there is no reason to dislike the Raptors—and many reasons to cheer for them to do well. So long as they don't do well enough to beat the Cavs. : )

This was awfully funny.

And this was heartbreakingly happy.

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