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Interesting Things for the Weekend

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Inside look at Melissa Sweet's Some Writer by E.B. White

From Some Writer! by Melissa Sweet

Speaking of Basquiat...

No matter how you feel about the circus, the end of Ringling Brothers is big news.

I made a new hashtag for Ellie.

A good ad from the Ad Council:

The last two years when Cleveland has played Toronto in the playoffs, I noticed the same Sikh man sitting courtside at all the games. I finally had to figure out who he was and I'm so glad I did. I mean, I'm glad Cleveland swept them two years in a row, but there is no reason to dislike the Raptors—and many reasons to cheer for them to do well. So long as they don't do well enough to beat the Cavs. : )

This was awfully funny.

And this was heartbreakingly happy.

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