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A Word About the Future of A Swoop and a Dart

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

butterfly at the Butterfly Pavilion
An early banner photo for this blog

No one blogs anymore, I keep hearing—and in 2018, that was pretty much true for me. A perfect storm of extreme schedule overwhelm, writing paralysis because of so much depressing national news, and hand-wringing about the possibility of switching platforms just ruined my blank screen on a regular basis. So I didn't blog anymore, either. But even though it might be outdated and useless, I never stopped missing it.

So, I finally tackled some hand-wringing and am working on (at long last) a major website overhaul. My photography site and this blog existed on separate platforms for about 9 years; no one would even know how much of my client work these days is design work, because there was little to no trace of it to be found. Finally, these three things can co-exist on the same site. I am feeling terribly, horribly disloyal after nearly 15 years with Typepad, but it simply comes down to the fact that this all fits together in a way that never will. I intend to slowly move over a number of posts—likely not all 1300+ of them, because that would be crazy. But a lot. Slowly. That site will continue to exist for a while, at least.

I miss the days of blogging and commenting, even more so now that the long-form internet space is gradually being suffocated by other forms of social media. If you ever want to comment on this new site, you'll have to register your email (clicking on the comment or heart on a post will allow you to do so).

Even if I'm only ever talking to myself, it's good to have a voice again.

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