Gunnar Malm declared his candidacy for Laramie County Commissioner with name recognition on his side: as a sixth-generation Laramie County native, he comes from a long line of civic engagement. He also knew that family history wasn't enough to get him elected; he would need to run a solid campaign based on clearly communicated values and issues, with an eye-catching logo that would easily transfer to flyers, yard signs, and more.

A blend of modern design, a handful of heritage photos, and a map from the Wyoming State Archives provided the balance Gunnar was looking for in his campaign. One of the best parts of the entire collection (in my opinion) was the decision to order name tags for Gunnar's grandmothers, both of whom live locally and enjoyed the opportunity to serve in an "official" capacity. It was just proof that you can successfully incorporate small, personal, unique touches to a campaign strategy that are authentic if not traditional. [Sky blue for a Republican candidate, anyone?] The website easily transitioned after election day to an elected official's website with only minor tweaks and plans to incorporate an issues blog.

Gunnar Malm was elected Laramie County's newest commissioner on November 6, 2018.

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