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Kristi Racines declared her candidacy for Wyoming State Auditor just months before the primary election, which meant she needed a memorable campaign theme that would build name recognition quickly. She decided to take a risk and skip the traditional red and blue of election signs—which allowed for an eye-catching color scheme that borrowed from Wyoming's brown and gold palette with a little blue sky thrown in for good measure. The result? a memorable campaign theme that did indeed build her name recognition quickly.

We made sure the Racines bison showed up everywhere—from 100,000 mailers to a giant box of mini-footballs and everything in between: labels, stickers, buttons, car magnets, t-shirts, sticky pads, yard signs, road signs, and more! Strategic ordering of campaign items and a social media campaign prevented wasting precious campaign funds through the primary and general elections.

Kristi Racines was elected for a four-year term as Wyoming's 21st Auditor on November 6, 2018.

Creative Development, Identity Design, Copywriting, Promotional Products, Print Material Design, Production

Racines for Auditor GENERAL Reminder v1.
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