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Wyoming Public Media is an award-winning station within the National Public Radio system that needed a fresh media kit to present to potential underwriters. Their previous materials—our lack thereof—simply didn't reflect the station's achievements or communicate the mission of this essential public good.

Because I'm a bit of a National Public Radio super-fan, it didn't take much to get going on a series of descriptive statements that would guide the kit. Wyoming Public Media's color palette is reflected throughout the kit, and along with new photos and a simple aesthetic, the station's story unfolds visually while including plenty of statistics and information.

The end result is a product that Dianne Burner, director of underwriting at Wyoming Public Media, is proud to share with new and returning underwriters throughout the state.

In 2018, Greater Public awarded this media kit a starred, notable distinction, one of only 13 kits in the medium-sized public radio market to receive this honor. Only 20% of media kits (43) across all categories were starred picks in 2018.

Creative Development, Photography, Design, Copywriting

Wyoming Public Media media kit
Wyoming Public Media media kit
Wyoming Public Media media kit
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