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WyBrand Strategies is a Cheyenne-based agency which provides marketing and brand awareness, executive media training, crisis communications, media relations, community affairs, and public relations.


As a new start-up, WyBrand Strategies required a complete identity system. A simple, clean, and bold aesthetic drove the design process down to the email signature block. The result: a memorable brand that stakes its reputation on attention to detail without ever appearing too flashy.

Note: Because I am also a photographer, if you hire me for a branding and identity design project, I will also hound you about having current professional headshots. It's part of the process!

Creative Development, Identity Design, Print Production, Copywriting, Website Design, Photography

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As with all identity design projects, a logo that represents the company does not happen instantaneously. Drafting logo ideas is a collaborative process that starts with identifying key elements and completes when the “double exclamation point” feeling has been achieved.

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