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When Lightning Strikes

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Because it is May, I had to race from a meeting on the south side of town over to Michael's on the north side of town at 8 pm because December Elizabeth didn't tell May Elizabeth that there were only six cookie sticks left for fancy birthday chocolate chip cookies and a class treat is needed for SOMEONE'S TENTH BIRTHDAY TOMORROW. As I drove, the sky was looking angrier and angrier ahead of me; by the time I got to the parking lot, I had to stop to take a picture because the clouds were so stunningly flat on the bottom and angry everywhere else. The view from this parking lot looks like the edge of the world, when in actuality it's just the field by Michael's.

As I raced into the store, a few other people were coming or going—a family with kids coming out of the front doors, a man with a ZZ Top-style beard and neck tattoos getting out of his truck a few spots away from the van, a lady just a few steps behind me (possibly on a cookie stick emergency, too—I saw her again in that part of the store after what happened next). What happened next: a giant flash of lightning so bright that it was like having 100 camera flashes pointed straight at me, followed by a ginormous crash of thunder less than 3 seconds later; everyone—me, the family with kids, the ZZ Top guy with the neck tattoos, the lady behind me—jumped into the air and YELPED. And then giggled nervously. It was like a convention of Startle Reflex people and I have to say it made the cookie stick emergency almost worth it.

And that's all I have time for tonight because, SOMEONE'S TENTH BIRTHDAY IS FAST APPROACHING. (!!!)


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