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Ten on Tuesday

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

1. There are just so many ideas for Marie's next Christmas gift now that I know she is utilizing reading glasses. #brattybigsister

2. I am watching the election results like a hawk and unofficial results are showing that Proposition 7 is leading by only 87 votes. It also looks like only 21% of registered voters in the county turned out. I do not understand it. [Edited: It failed. I'm so disappointed.]

3. I crossed off one of my major work projects today. I am still hard at work on three others, plus upcoming photo shoots, plus a thousand other things that aren't on fire... yet.

4. Gracie and Bridget are participating in the elementary school track program, which means we're a two sport family for three weeks. Timehop reminded me today that this arrangement nearly did me in four years ago, much like it is now. But it's worth it, because the track meet next week will be fun. Gracie is running anchor on a relay team, running the 70 meter dash, and doing long jump. Bridget will be doing high jump, hurdles, and something TBD. Gracie will be OK if she is never presented with a high jump situation again, which is funny, because we thought she would ace it with all that vaulting experience. BUT NO.

5. I am struggling to find the time to sit down and watch full playoff games (see #3) but I am starting to get a case of the basketball nerves again as the Cavs keep winning. That is all I'm going to say about that right now.

6. If the laundry fairy doesn't show up in this joint soon, we're going to have some problems.

7. Did you know the Pioneer Woman has her own line of kitchen gadgets and baking dishes? I did not know this, probably because I don't go in Walmart very often (except when I have a lard emergency). But she does, and it's cool stuff—I bid on a Pioneer Woman basket at an auction we went to recently and won it.

8. Something I didn't know about Cheyenne until this time around: you could probably attend a charity function 1-6 times a month, every month of the year. It's crazy how many auctions and benefits there are. Which is actually a pretty cool feature of Cheyenne. But also a busy feature of Cheyenne. (Fact: one or more Dillows attended four separate charity functions in the month of April)

9. What is your oldest continuously used possession? Mine is either my skirt hanger, my little wooden footstool, or my Paddington Bear birthday book. (circa 1976 for all, continuously used without interruption ever since)

10. A week until Bridget turns ten. TEN, PEOPLE.


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