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Mid-May Participles

blue sky blooms, angry sky bus
Two views from today's weirdo weather shifts

Recovering (sort of) from yesterday's too-busy-of-a-month meltdown. If memory serves, December 16 was the meltdown day in that month, so that's predictable.

Watching the forecast for Wednesday-Friday, where up to 24" inches of snow could fall. We have hanging baskets and flowers in planters and that's annoying, because I respected the "don't buy flowers until after Mother's Day" rule.

Trying to manage too many activities. Per usual.

Listening to Maddie's spring band concert. I got a little sniffly during the senior presentation portion even though I don't know these seniors. But I know other seniors elsewhere this year, and can do the math that our own first senior year is but three years away.

Procrastinating on writing up the last official Camp Dillow-Karahalis for the foreseeable future, because waaaaaaaah.

Reading ahead of my normal pace, and on track to make it to 35 books unless summer does me in (very possible).

Brainstorming different ideas for teacher gifts this year, because a.) Mrs. Dixon already got our standard gift four years ago and is retiring anyway, and b.) our standard gift won't really work for Gracie's teacher this year because she isn't returning to the classroom next year. But don't forget, Caravan Shoppe still has the best cheap/free printables around for this type of thing!

Listening to the new Wow in the World podcast from NPR and not sure we're sold yet. Disappointing, because Gracie, Bridget and I were looking forward to it.

Also listening to the NPR Politics podcast as fast as they can release them.

Anticipating some NBA Playoff basketball, and hoping I can squeeze in at least part of every game in the next series. Go Cavs!!


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