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Five Years of Pink

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Timehop reminded me this morning that it was five years ago today that Bridget finally spotted the pink Jeep in Cheyenne.

In the five years since, our little hunt has turned into an epic game of spotting pink cars (and pink other things with wheels, too).*

I am certain I'm missing at least three photos that belong in this collage, but I'll find them and add them later.

She gets just as excited as she did when she was almost five years old when we spot one; more than one U-turn has been taken to circle back and get a picture (buried bug, pink Cadillac on stilts are just two). Maddie and Gracie don't even complain when we stop because they know it's not going to matter—when we see one, they know it's a foregone conclusion that there will be a picture. I purposefully have used only my phone to take these, because it's not about the best quality of picture, it's about getting the picture no matter what. It is fun, and it is so totally her thing.

An unexpected part of this project:

I KNOW I'm missing a whole bunch of submitted photos in this collage, but I'm working on finding them all a little at a time.

So many people are playing with us. We have received pictures from all over—from friends in Europe, all across the U.S., even from an American friend on TDY in England (hi Bob!). People often tell me they think of Bridget whenever they see a pink car, and that is awesome.

Again, missing a few—i.e. I know I have one of Keira in the picture somewhere.

This one came to us just today, from Air Force friends currently assigned in VA!

Sometimes people even hop in the picture, and that makes our day every single time. Knowing that people stop what they're doing to participate in what started as a silly little quest to hunt down an elusive Jeep makes us happy, like the world is a cheerful and connected place because of these souls who take a risk and buy the pink car. There aren't that many out there, even though we've definitely discovered there are more than we thought originally.

Here's to finding many more : )


*She is wearing leotards in so many of these pictures because we are pretty much always driving to or from gymnastics.


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