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Life changes fast, and you don't want to miss a thing. Smiles are important in a photo session, but they aren't the only thing! I also strive to photograph personalities, relationships, and the emotions that connect people. The best sessions are the most authentic, so wear what's comfortable and expect real life to unfold. I work hard to put people at ease with a lot of laughing, a lot of chatter, and some occasional silliness— that way we'll all be rewarded with natural images that matter.


Senior portraits should be timeless, relaxed, and full of character. We'll plan your session so that it reflects you—your interests, your favorite places, and your personality. You can be confident your photos will be both classic and creative: nothing gimmicky or artificial, just a celebration of you as you get ready for the next chapter.


Event photography isn't just about taking pictures, it's about capturing an experience with all the accompanying detail and emotion that includes. I work hard to seek out creative angles that tell the story of your event so it is richly documented. Whether you want to preserve memories of a family gathering for generations or promote a non-profit or corporate event to a wider audience, I can help. All events contracts are built on a case-by-case basis depending on your specific needs and requirements; pricing varies.


Nonprofit organizations often operate on a shoestring and still achieve amazing feats of messaging and mission—but good photography is not something that should be sacrificed to save a little money. Good photography is a tool that improves credibility, develops a story, and creates an emotional connection to a cause in a way words alone simply cannot manage. Whether you're preparing an annual report or developing an authentic in-house stock library, professional photography is an investment that your organization will never regret.

picture days.

Whether you need individual and team pictures for 600+ gymnasts, a class photo for 25 preschoolers, or an action session for a studio of karate students, picture days should be fun and effortless. With a portable lighting system that can be set up just about anywhere (no external power supply needed) and a 100% online ordering system, you'll never have to handle a paper order form again.

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