Leigh Anne Manlove was seeking to enter private practice in 2016 and needed a no-nonsense website to match her no-nonsense personality. She knew what font she wanted to use in her logo but wasn't sure what else—the "O" bison ended up being just enough whimsy to gussy up a formal font without overdoing it and give a nod to Wyoming, since she is a seventh-generation Wyoming resident. A complete suite of custom letterhead, correspondence cards, business cards, and website had her up and running quickly.


When Manlove decided to run for Laramie County District Attorney in 2018, I developed a coordinating campaign logo that would feel familiar to her law office's logo for easy name recognition. That logo became the basis of hundreds of signs, thousands of door-to-door sticky notes, and a whole bunch of campaign swag. Manlove Law Office is now officially closed, but it provided a mighty foundation for a new Laramie County District Attorney!

Leigh Anne Manlove was elected Laramie County District Attorney on November 6, 2018.

Creative Development, Identity Design, Print Production, Campaign Promotional Items, Copywriting, Website Design

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Cheyenne, Wyoming

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