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Interesting Things for the Weekend

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

daffodils in the sun
Daffodils at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens are blooming—rooting for them to survive yet another late spring snowstorm...

This article about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's workout was so interesting. It made me giggle, too. I have her biography on my list to read this year: Notorious RBG.

Someone in Heineken's advertising department gets an A+ for cleverness.

This lady is A GENIUS. Wow. Disclaimer: there is profanity. Please don't let that discourage you from watching the entire thing, though.

I had no idea this was even a thing in the world of wildlife photography—wow.

Like many Americans, I've been oddly enthralled by retirement-era President George W. Bush lately; I'm especially moved by his new career as an artist and the book he just released.

A few weeks ago Jody tagged me in a hilarious comment thread that went with an article about barbaric Americans and how they don't use tea kettles. She asked me if it was true—of course not! we don't use the microwave to heat our water!—and then I realized she was talking about electric tea kettles and apparently I am just a dumb American who heats water on the stovetop in a barbaric old-fashioned tea kettle, because I honestly had never heard of such a thing.

What an awesome project this is, to compare satellite images of California's super bloom.

This is a depressing view of the flip side of the super bloom, though: ..."a desire for social media Likes shouldn't get in the way of rational thought and care."

Every so often an article will pop up in the Trib about Mr. Meredith and everyone should read it. He was a pretty amazing man (and also regularly subbed for me when I was off coaching speech and debate in Montana).

It took me a minute to decide Under-Dogs is cool and not bizarre. I like it the best of this photographer's "Under" projects.

Absolutely, positively beautiful photography project from VietnamThis might be one of my favorite photo project finds, ever.

Even if you aren't interested in running for political office (school board, city council, state representative, president, whatever) and especially if it has crossed your mind at some point even in a "if I ran the world" kind of way, would you do me a favor and take this survey for a client I'm working with? It will only take a few minutes and it will help her collect some needed information for a class she's taking.

Thank you!


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